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Marcus  Healey

Marcus Healey

Executive Vice President

Marcus Healey grew up on the West Coast of Southern California. During this time, he curated certain core values that he has transferred into his career in financial services: belief in the power of community. the desire to seek out connection and continuously support and uplift peers. compassion and respect of others and their environment. motivation driven by experiences and an eagerness to master new challenges. Financial services is about helping clients face a future filled with possibilities and design a path to meet individual objectives tailored to their specific needs and desires. In a career spanning more than two decades, Marcus has built businesses and systems to help colleagues and clients navigate the waters and triumph in their professional and personal lives. He is ardent about helping people align their finances with their values, improve financial decision-making and behavior, and decrease financial stress. Today, he leads a team of more than a hundred exceptional, dedicated financial professionals whose focused, extraordinary teamwork has driven the region’s bottom-line growth of more than 32% over the past three years. This includes managing through a global pandemic. Taking the approach to face this unprecedented tsunami with confidence and determination, he led his team to achieve a record-setting year in 2021. Marcus’s strength as a leader is rooted in his compassion and humility. He learned early on the importance of empathy, a strong work ethic and the power of listening to focus on growth strategies for future success and sustainability. Along the way, Marcus and his team have received numerous accolades, including the Equitable Advisors’ Presidents Trophy -- awarded for outstanding team productivity and growth -- an impressive six times, and the Gold Presidents Trophy. His visionary leadership, tenacity, and stellar results are recognized nationwide.